Where will AAI's "Administrative Journey" end?

by Martin Boers

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) has just published their "Fall Newsletter" (sorry Southern hemisphere), which contains more lies and deception from the so-called "board" of that illegitimate organisation.

The newsletter thanks readers for their "trust" while AAI has been on its "administrative journey".

Anyone reading the section of the newsletter titled "REGISTRATION: CALIFORNIA, USA" would be inclined to think that all AAI's corporate governance issues are behind them. After all:

"All paperwork essential to recognize AAI as a non-profit organization registered in California has been diligently completed and submitted ... we have made dedicated efforts to rectify any past oversights. This includes tirelessly resolving specific registration and tax concerns ..."

What the reader is not told is that, under California law, AAI has not been legally allowed to operate since 2021, and nothing that the "board" has done since then has changed that. The current legal status of AAI was made clear in a recent article in which John Hamill provided links to the California Secretary of State (SOS) and the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) websites, where people can see the current status for themselves, along with the legal implications of a Suspended status. It may be that the so-called "board" of AAI have been diligent, dedicated and tireless, but none of that makes a difference if the organisation remains Suspended by the California SOS and FTB.

I know what AAI must do to restore their status in California, and they have not done it. The proof is on the California SOS and FTB websites.

However, according to the newsletter:

"AAI is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity."

That is true. What the newsletter does not tell you is that AAI is currently under investigation by the IRS and, if AAI remains suspended in California, that investigation will ultimately lead to the loss of AAI's 501(c)(3) charitable status. I know what AAI needs to do to retain this status with the IRS, and they have not done it. The proof is on the California SOS and FTB websites.

AAI's "administrative journey" has routed them straight over a cliff. If the so-called board of AAI was "devoted to ensuring transparency", as they claim in their newsletter, then they would be honest about their current situation.


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